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Bamboo Rose Partners with True Fit Connecting Personalization and Product Data

Everyone has their go-to, best fitting outfit in their closet. It’s the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and often, it’s difficult to find another outfit that compares. It’s a common hurdle with apparel and footwear shopping these days. Even if two shirts share a similar look and size, the ease, drape, fabric content, and shape might fit differently on the same person.


When Katy Hamilton, a Washington, D.C. blogger, posted images of herself trying on two pairs of size ten jeans from a well-known retailer, her story went viral. One fit perfectly while the other style barely made it past her hips.



We’re all too familiar with this dilemma. It is a frustrating experience for millions, and it’s put pressure on today’s retailers whose top line revenue is impacted by negative reviews and product returns. Many retailers are turning to True Fit to bring a personalized approach to connecting with shoppers.


Through its True Discovery Platform, the company connects manufacturing design data from thousands of leading apparel and footwear brands, anonymized consumer data from hundreds of top retailers, and personal preferences from millions of registered users and anonymous shoppers. With that connected data set, True Fit matches detailed style, fit, and technical attributes to style preferences and buying behaviors of individual shoppers. In short, they help consumers buy the right size and style every time.


When we heard of True Fit and its comprehensive collection of personalized data, we knew we had to team up. And team up we did!


Here’s how it works: customers can automatically drive tech pack data from the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform into the True Fit Fashion Genome, which powers the True Discovery Platform. This then allows brands and retailers to provide their customers the critical information necessary to navigate the online shopping experience. Also, retailers will be able to apply these essential insights to the cutting-edge space of AI-supported fashion personalization. It’s a mutual benefit, since customers will be able to reduce the rate of returns from clothing purchased online while increasing the value of data derived from the True Fit platform.


At Bamboo Rose, we’re always looking for new ways to support our retail clients, and our True Fit integration is no exception. With our highly interoperable platform, customers can get creative with how they cross analyze Bamboo Rose data and additional enterprise data to drive value in areas like operations and customer experience. And as retailers continue to push for data-driven strategy and personalization initiatives, we anticipate the Bamboo Rose–True Fit partnership will only accelerate in value.




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