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Backbone PLM Recognized as a G2 High Performer for Summer 2022

G2 award: High Performer Badge Summer 2022

After identifying brands with high customer satisfaction scores compared to the rest of the industry, G2 presented Backbone PLM with the High Performer badge for Summer 2022. Leading fashion and apparel brands leverage Backbone’s powerful features to make their products smarter, faster, and at scale — providing a centralized, easy-to-use system to contain product, component, design, and production data. Hear what G2 has to say about what the High Performer Badge means:

Backbone PLM has been named a High Performer product based on having high customer satisfaction scores and a low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. 93% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 91% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Backbone PLM at a rate of 89%”.

Check out the full grid of PLM companies below to see how Backbone stacks up against the competition:

    Backbone Client Success: Rated #1 for Quality of Support

    At Backbone, your brand’s success on our platform is crucial to us. We haven’t been rated #1 in Quality of Customer Support for nothing! Let’s walk through some of the pillars in our Customer Success Team processes to ensure you get the most out of the Backbone platform.


    Live Trainings

    Backbone Clients receive live onboarding training based on the following 4 functional teams:


    -Product Development 

    -Technical Design

    -Cross-Functional Teams

    “The pace of the touch base calls gave us time to work through questions and find solutions. My whole team is very happy with how quickly we were up and running. Our Fall 2022 season is in; we are communicating with factories and getting samples, so it’s exciting!”  -User from Pact

    The purpose of the live training calls is to work through key modules on the Backbone platform, as well as empower our users with best practices. Users are encouraged to come to training calls with questions and comments, so our Client Success Team can help guide you down the right path.



    Even after brands are done onboarding and training with our Client Success Team on how to use Backbone, we offer a multitude of resources to continue educating and empowering our users to become experts on the platform:


    Help Center 

    As a Backbone user, you gain access to our resource-packed Help Center at no additional cost to you! Check out how-to-articles, step-by-step videos, and live digital events on new and enhanced features, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest from Backbone and continue learning best practices even after onboarding is completed. You can also quickly search the Help Center via the in-app beacon without leaving Backbone.   

    The Backbone Help Center also includes our 8 Key Steps to Success video tutorial series. This series contains 8 videos and how-to articles on the most essential Backbone functionality and is also a self-serve option to onboard onto the platform.

    “Those videos were extremely helpful; I would go back and watch parts of it to refresh myself on parts of the process.” – User from Pact

    Submit a Ticket 

    Experiencing a problem? Have a question? Backbone users can submit a support ticket to our Client Success Team at any time utilizing the in-app beacon when logged into the system. You can also send an email directly to if they have any questions, concerns, or roadblocks during their time on Backbone. We always appreciate positive and constructive feedback on our platform, and often take customer feedback into account when creating our product roadmap.

    “My questions being answered promptly is something I was very impressed with because in the past getting tech support and getting the answers you need was always a struggle. So it was nice to send an email and get an email back within an hour.” – User from FHF Gear

    Did you know? Our average onboarding time for new clients is less than 45 days! See how easy it is to implement Backbone at your own brand by downloading our implementation guide!