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Backbone PLM Featured in The PLM Report 2022 by WhichPLM & Interline



Markets are volatile, stakes are high, budgets are tight, and KPIs aren’t being adjusted. How can you as a designer, manager, or owner of a brand, ensure success when you don’t know what’s next? 

The number of fashion PLMs on the market can be downright overwhelming. Brands today can’t afford to vet the many choices of tools out there to choose from nor do they have the time…

Enter Interline and WhichPLM, who annually publish the PLM Report, a comprehensive buyers guide to all things Fashion PLM. Even better, the report is totally free to read and download! Get the inside scoop on Fashion PLMs on the market today, as well as read from C-Level executives on what they think the market will do next, how that will affect the fashion industry, and insights into their own product strategy moving forward.

Spoiler alert: Backbone is on page 27 of the PLM Report 2022!