Bamboo Rose Release 2019R2 Deepens Business Partner Collaboration and Visibility

Bamboo Rose is excited to announce our new platform updates that make real-time collaboration with supply chain partners both intuitive and automated, especially in areas like product ideation, inventory allocation, and project management. Plus, with our latest enhancements, customers can now support company-wide environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to boost sustainability through intelligent management of material and component inventories, allowing clients to make decisions that benefit both the environment and their business.


Here’s a quick summary of our recent platform updates:


Increased Component and Material Inventory Visibility

Bamboo Rose is all about sustainability. That’s why we’ve brought new functionality to our Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform to give retailers virtual views into suppliers’ material and component inventories before the purchase order process even begins. This way, retailers can undertake material waste reduction approaches (like employing cut-make-trim (CTM) strategies) that ensure maximum yield. Aside from the obvious CSR advantages here, this capability also drives down product margins and tightens collaboration with strategic partners overseas.


Streamlined Project and Team Management Experience

Clients can leverage a new visual timeline tool to assign various tasks and projects to internal and external resources. As projects progress, users can monitor adherence to target dates and milestones, and they’ll receive automated alerts if projects risk missing deadlines. The tool will simplify the project management process, improve management of key business partners involved in projects, and help clients bring products to market faster.


New Mobile Product Ideation Collaboration

Now on the Go Bamboo Rose mobile app, users can tighten collaboration with their supplier partners early on in the product ideation cycle. As clients are inspired by products while out in the field, they can now upload product images and create new products in their Wishlists regardless of connectivity status. If customers are executing these activities offline, their actions will automatically be updated for internal and external stakeholders to view and respond to when they gain connectivity. Additionally, customers can now view deeper Wishlist product data and create or reply to Wishlist comments with supplier partners while on the go.



Got any questions on our recent product updates? Don’t hesitate to reach out! You can also read our blog on digital sourcing to learn how deep digital collaboration with business partners brings speed, efficiency, and productivity to your supply chain.