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Backbone is a product development platform that empowers brands to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

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Platform Metrics

  • 79,000+ Products Created

  • 41,000+ Components Created

  • 97% Customer Satisfaction

  • 50 Days to Implement On Average

Streamline & Simplify With Backbone PLM

Increase operational efficiency to deliver the right products to market

20% of production time is lost looking for product information. Backbone’s cloud-based system of interconnected libraries puts dynamic data at your team’s fingertips and lets them focus on what’s most important.

  • Reduce manual data entry by 42%
  • Leverage design-centric tools and plugins
  • Eliminate obstacles from creative workflows


Tech Pack Creation

Create and customize tech pack templates to quickly get key information to stakeholders for products or components. Share these tech packs via live links to seamlessly integrate external collaborators into the development process.


    Dedicated Libraries

    Easily manage core Bill of Materials, size specs, and any Points of Measure. These libraries can also turn existing BOM’s and Specs into standardized templates to speed up the workflow.


      Enable data-driven product decisions through increased visibility and collaboration

      Design faster, create tech packs in minutes, reduce sampling with fewer errors, and improve quality control. Backbone’s centralized record system helps you manage information across teams and focus on product quality.

      • Save 8 hours per tech pack
      • Develop products 44% faster with Backbone
      • Standardize design deliverables and workflows

      Adobe Illustrator Plugin

      Upload designs directly to the PLM platform without having to close
      Adobe Illustrator. The free extension allows designers to track version
      history, and accelerate tech pack creation.


        Custom Fields with Dynamic Data

        Create a system for organization, update all product info in one place, and have those updates appear throughout the entire application. Update a product attribute, such as Stage, on a Tech Pack and it will update on all reports your team is using.


          “Backbone PLM has simplified onboarding, saving time and enabling seamless scalability for our fast-growing company.”

          Allie Salter, Director, Product Development & Production


          How Brands Grow With PLM

          See for yourself how current Backbone clients leverage our features and functionality to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.

          Chubbies Shorts

          Explosive growth leads Chubbies to Backbone PLM to manage product variants and speed up development.

          Sergio Tacchini

          Backbone PLM helps Sergio Tacchini prepare for scale through their swift onboarding process.

          Peter Millar

          Learn about Peter Millar’s collaboration process and Backbone’s dynamic fashion PLM solution.

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