Key Steps for Advancing Grocery Private Brands

Elevating Grocery Private Brands: Innovate, Sustain, and Connect with Shifting Consumer Trends

Economic uncertainty and panic buying demand surges during the pandemic led to major consumer adoption of private brand products…and the trend remains relevant today.

The opportunity for retailers looking to innovate their private brand strategy in 2023 and beyond is undeniable.

In this white paper, we break down how food retailers can optimize their private brand strategy through deep supplier collaboration, sustainable sourcing, and other efforts that retain customers long-term.

Learn more about the ways food retailers are growing their private brands:

  • Innovate faster than changing consumer trends
  • Connect broader sustainability initiatives to the private brand strategy
  • Master product transparency and supply chain traceability
  • Enable complete supplier visibility and collaboration

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Of consumers are purchasing more private brands than before the pandemic


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