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Bamboo Rose transforms retail outcomes through its collaborative and efficient Product Lifecycle Management (Bamboo Rose PLM software), simplifying the journey from concept to creation for brands and retailers. Get winning products to market faster while achieving growth, efficiency, and compliance every step of the way.

Get to Market Fast with Bamboo Rose PLM Software

Increase Operational Efficiency

Maximize efficiency by streamlining manual tasks such as data management and version control, while accelerating tech pack creation to support multiple categories within one platform.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Accelerate adoption with customizable templates for standardized design processes and workflows, while collaborating in real-time with suppliers to minimize errors and speed up product launches.

Enable Data-Backed Decisions

Easily access product information from anywhere, with all historical data saved and organized in dedicated modules for streamlined version control during development cycles.

Single Source of Truth

Utilize an end-to-end platform to manage product development across categories, fostering collaboration among internal and external teams. Enhance decision-making with third-party integrations, gain process visibility, and manage exceptions effectively.

Manage Multiple Categories

Streamline efficiency by organizing and supporting multiple product categories within a single platform, while accelerating tech pack creation to boost productivity.

Manage Your Retail Supply Chain with Ease


Bamboo Rose empowers retail results through a collaborative and efficient retail management platform.

“Bamboo Rose is how we manage our entire supply chain literally from design concept to when it’s received in a store.”

Megan DiMartino, Director of Supply Chain Transformation

American Eagle

See How Global Retailers are Using Our PLM Software


Bamboo Rose PLM Customer

Bamboo Rose empowers Belk to communicate around the world with their vendors and suppliers for their private label brands, resulting in more collaboration and operational efficiency.

Urban Outfitters

Bamboo Rose PLM Customer

Urban Outfitters gets positive business outcomes with Bamboo Rose. “Bamboo Rose has given us visibility into our product development processes and has enabled us to save a significant amount of lead time.”

Movado Group

Backbone PLM Customer

Movado Group moves away from disparate tools to one platform for all teams for operational efficiency. Now, internal stakeholders have 24/7 access to accurate and current product information, reducing errors and providing a seamless workflow.


Backbone PLM Customer

Fashion apparel brand Varley transforms product development by adopting Backbone PLM, cutting carryover style management time from 15 to 5 minutes and boosting efficiency.

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