Food Compliance & Traceability with Loblaws

Loblaws Drives Food Quality, Compliance, & Traceability

For food retailers, risk mitigation across the supply chain is incredibly important…especially if they want to ensure safe, healthy, top-quality food products.

Learn how Loblaws, Canada’s largest grocery store chain, was able to implement a successful food safety certificate management program to uphold product quality and compliance across all retail channels with technology and strategic support from Bamboo Rose.

Hear what the Senior Vice President of Private Brands has to say about this evolution.

Positive Business Outcomes for Loblaws:

  • Enhanced vendor collaboration and accountability
  • Extended supply chain traceability
  • Accelerated product procurement agility

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Unlocked supply chain
traceability for all SKUs
Increased consumer confidence
to drive sales
Reduced violations to run a
friction-free portfolio

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