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Why you should consider a job in the retail backend

When you think about a career in retail, you probably imagine stocking shelves and ringing up customers at the register. However, the amount of effort that goes into getting a product to the shelf or the register is often unseen. Just as important as storefront roles are, those in the backend of the retail supply chain are responsible for product ideation, creation, coordination and delivery. As consumers, we’ve become so accustomed to a convenient shopping experience that we don’t notice what happens on the backend unless something goes wrong.


As a new generation of retail and business talent heads toward graduation, we’re offering a few reasons why you should consider a job in the retail backend.


You’ll be at the forefront of digital transformation

Everyone – from established department stores to local booksellers – is facing a wave of change when it comes to how consumers buy and consume products. Younger generations have grown up with mobile technology at their fingertips and use it in every aspect of their life, forcing retailers to digitize operations to stay in the game. More than ever, consumers demand a seamless omnichannel, customer-centric experience and smart retailers have been adopting digital technology as a way to keep up.


With the latest digital platforms at their disposal, workers in the retail backend are poised to speed the product development timeline with increased collaboration and operational efficiency.


You’ll get to focus on creativity and collaboration

As the technology becomes more advanced, more mundane tasks can be automated, which allows human workers to focus on creativity and collaboration with partners throughout the supply chain. When price isn’t the most important factor to today’s consumers, it’s more important than ever that retailers focus on providing valuable, high quality products shoppers actually want to purchase. Collaboration with partners in the larger retail community allows retailers to stay up to date on the latest trends and styles, creating products within their brand that resonate with consumers.


You’ll save the planet

Okay, maybe not single handedly, but retailers are taking on increasing responsibility for running sustainable practices throughout the supply chain as consumers expect more transparency than ever. With the help of digital technology, retailers can increase visibility throughout the entire product development lifecycle and ensure responsible practices are present throughout.


It’s easy to get distracted by the glamour of front end retail, especially with all the technological innovations hitting the scene in recent years, but the backend is just as fruitful for those looking to pursue a career in retail.


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