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3 tips for getting ahead of the summer slowdown (starting now)

With many production partners closed at various points in the summer, now is the time to get ahead of the summer slowdown — before you (and your team) get away from it all, too.

Step 1. Plan and align while everyone is still “in the office” — actually or virtually.

The timing: June
The tip: 20% of production time is wasted looking for product information. (That’s eight hours lost in the summer slowdown— one Summer Friday! — a week.) But not anymore, thanks to Backbone: Generate instant, real-time reports on past season styles, colorways, and material costs as you plan for the next one. Leverage dynamic data to confidently and quickly make decisions. And, while you’re at it, turn those eight hours you’ll get back a week into Summer Fridays.

Step 2. Keep up the momentum: Go into full create and collaborate mode.

The timing: July
The tip: You’ve got your plan, now go outside. You and your whole team. Get inspired. Design. Upload your artwork and illustrations for your teammates to review in real-time from wherever they are. Opt-out of time-consuming handoffs and line review meetings. Manage feedback, approvals, and sign-offs in our app, and send to your factories directly from the system.

Step 3. Check-in while you are checked out. (If you want to, that is.)

The timing: August
The tip: Stay on top of approvals, status and data while working from home, boat, tent, beach, wherever. Keep the lines of communication and collaboration open with cross-functional teams and external partners so that you have a smooth, successful and easy re-entry back into the swing of things after Labor Day and avoid the summer slowdown.


(Speaking of planning, do you still need Backbone? All we need is 30 days. Sign up now, get your tech-packs out in June. No tech lift needed.)



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