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Leading department store chooses Bamboo Rose to revamp its backend

Department stores have notoriously long, complex supply chains – take it from a leading specialty retailer with more than 30 brands offered in-store and online. The store’s brands, which should act as a cohesive unit, were acting independently of each other and using disparate systems to manage their supply chain processes. With the influx of competition in the specialty department store space, and the enormous number of department store closings in 2017 (more than 500), this particular company couldn’t afford to gamble with its future, and wanted a solution that would help it maintain its market share over the competition for the long term.


The problem: PLM was not enough

The organization needed to standardize operations on a single platform to streamline design, sourcing, costing, order management, and logistics processes. A simple product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, the company knew, was not enough: They needed a solution with ability to increase collaboration across the supply chain and seamlessly manage all facets of the operation, from costing to materials and order management to logistics.


The solution: Bamboo Rose

Starting with one merchandise category, the company implemented the Bamboo Rose platform to streamline its backend. The results were impressive, to say the least:


– Increased sales by 12 percent in one merchandise category

– Streamlined collaboration and improved visibility between designers and supply teams

– Increased productivity and ability to make more educated product decisions


Learn more about how Bamboo Rose helped the specialty store meet its goals through a single solution: “Case study: Leading specialty department store.


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