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Four ways DTC brands are reimagining business as usual

1. Crowd-funded collections.

With Taylor Stitch’s Workshop, customers pre-order to produce certain styles an approach that reduces waste across the board, and one that’s growing in popularity across DTC brands. Once a style is greenlit, the production team can leverage Backbone’s live, cloud-based platform for easy updates and instant approvals for a quick turnaround to market.

2. Scaling sustainability.

For Days is a closed loop clothing brand (think: Return, Rewear, Recycle) that’s able to efficiently produce new goods with the help of Backbone, thanks to the ability to customize (and easily) search field attributes specific to sustainability.

3. Creating capsules.

Less is more: Outdoor Voices and époque évolution are just two of the brands designing into small collections of clothing intended to be mixed and matched and worn on repeat. Backbone’s size specification feature guarantees standardized fit on these core products season after season, while our live reporting functionalities allow for easy retrieval of past season data, from colorways to sales.

4. Digital trade shows.

IRL trade shows and fashion shows are making a comeback, but many brands continue to leverage digital trade show platforms, like JOOR, for wholesale management. And many of those brands will continue to leverage Backbone’s SKU level exporter to export product info into those (and any other) third party platforms.