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Pact: Earth’s Favorite™ Clothing Brand Leverages Backbone for Organizational Growth

Our neighbors at Pact are a Boulder-based clothing brand on a mission to build products using Earth’s Favorite™ fiber, organic cotton. Did you know, growing cotton organically saves vast amounts of water and uses no toxic chemicals? What’s more, Pact chooses eco-friendly packaging materials to offset the carbon footprint of each shipment. Pretty cool, huh?!

With Pact’s rapid growth over the past three years, the company knew it needed a helping hand redefining workflows and communication tactics to continue the pursuit of a sustainable future. To keep up with an expanding product catalog and broadening internal team, Pact tapped into Backbone PLM to maintain organization, streamline development processes, and establish the next phase of company growth.

Discover how Pact utilizes Backbone PLM by reading our latest case study.